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White Cedar Beds

Did you ever have one of those days where you didn't want to get out of bed? You'll have plenty of days like that when you buy one of our White Cedar Log Beds. Bring the feeling of the Log Cabin charm to your home, whether you live in the country or just want the country "look". These beds will remind you of a Bed 'n Breakfast or a beautiful ski lodge retreat. The high grade White Cedar wood is sturdily crafted with a silky, splinter-free finish that retains its beauty over time. Romance the room with a great Canopy frame or keep it simple with a Daybed. The White Cedar Futon serves as a sofa or a bed. We also have a Sunburst Bed, plain White Cedar Log Bed, or a Deluxe Bed. Choose a Twin, Double, Queen or King size. All come with a headboard, footboard and side rails for complete and painless assembly. So, stay in bed all day! WHITE CEDAR is NEATER!
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