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Outdoor Aluminum Chairs, Bar Stools & Patio Furniture

Lightweight, attractive and easy to care for, aluminum is a smart choice for outdoor furniture. Featuring modern good looks, outdoor aluminum feature stands up to all kinds of weather and requires practically no maintenance. At Outdoor Furniture Plus, we carry a wide selection of outdoor aluminum chairs, bar stools and patio furniture. Whether you are furnishing a small deck or patio, a large pool space or just about any other space outside, you will find aluminum furniture here to decorate practically any place and to seat everyone in comfort and style.

Our aluminum patio furniture is available as individual pieces that you can mix and match, such as our TREX Surf City Chaise Lounge Chair and our aluminum bar stools, including our Woodard Dominica Stationary Bar Stool.

You will also find complete aluminum patio sets at Outdoor Furniture Plus, such as our Woodard Baja Strap Aluminum Patio Set. We have sturdy, attractive complete sets for practically any space. They will save you money as well as the time of making individual selections. Each piece in these sets will be perfectly matched.


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