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Patio Furniture Covers

Our selection of outdoor furniture patio covers is designed to offer innovative ways to ensure that your outdoor furniture is well-protected year-round. Well-stocked with top brands like Duck Covers and more, we carry a durable, 100 percent waterproof patio furniture cover that perfectly suits your patio pieces. From outdoor furniture chair covers to zip-up patio heater covers, this selection includes a design that offers a tailored-like fit for all your outdoor furniture.

Duck Covers patio furniture covers are unique because they come with inflatable airbags that actually inflate into low points of outdoor furniture, creating a dome-shaped cover to repel water, snow and debris, offering long-term protection throughout all seasons. Duck Covers are made with a sturdy, multi-layered material that creates superior airflow between your cover and outdoor patio furniture, eliminating condensation that can cause irreparable damage.
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