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Octagon Gable Vents

Our octagon gable vents make a great addition to the exterior of your home because they provide a charming finished polish while helping to keep the interior of your home free of unwanted nuisances like bugs, birds and dirt. While our gable vents are almost entirely customizable - you choose the size, wood type, finish, face trim and louver style - you can also contact Outdoor Furniture Plus to get custom-made gable vents in any size imaginable.

We carry standard sizes ranging from 10-inch octagon vents to 36-inch octagon gable vents (custom sizes are available), all of which come in either Western cedar, cypress or yellow pine wood types. You can choose from sanded smooth or rough sawn finishes, as well as whether or not you want your gable vent to come pre-primed or not, at Outdoor Furniture Plus. Choose square edge or brick moulding depending on the exterior finish of your home - square edge face trim is mainly used for stucco and siding, while brick moulding is used on brick homes - as well as a variety of louver types to get the exact vent you need.