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Rustic Furniture

If you were to look up "Rustic" in the dictionary, you would find the word to mean something relating to - or typical of country life and country folks. It would also speak of roughly finished wood having a textured appearance. Perfect words to describe our items. That's the look to have- simplistic elegance in beautiful high quality White Cedar. This furniture looks like it was just brought in from the magnificent forests of North America. The accessories we have in our Rustic collection are a perfect complement to the Bedroom Furniture and other White Cedar pieces. Step into the feeling of the Ski Lodge without having to deal with the snow. As part of our Rustic Furniture accessories, we offer: A Quilt Ladder; TV Stand; three nice Mirrors; a Firewood Rack; Sofa Table or Quilt Bench. All are well made and sturdy. Our RUSTIC furniture is FANTASTIC!
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