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White Cedar  Book Cases 

White Cedar Book Cases

Booklovers, be aware, the Long Pond White Cedar Bookcases are simply irresistible. With rural appeal and old-fashioned, yet rugged good looks, you'll find these bookcases to do more than just serve as a station for your reading material. You can put plants, photo albums, knick knacks, magazines, books and household belongings on them. White Cedar is highly durable and very sturdy. Thick log beams and smooth flat panels combine to give these bookcases a rustic theme. It is made to be used outdoors, but White Cedar will also add charm to your interior country setting. We have several sizes available. In Small (three shelves); Medium (four shelves); Large (six shelves); or add extra space with Connector Shelves. Pair them with your rustic bedroom furniture or display in a family room, hallway, and office. Also can be used in a garden or on a porch. WHITE CEDAR is NEATER!