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Shorea Wood Planters

There's no better way to freshen up a patio or porch than by adding some colorful plants, and shorea wood planters make a beautiful and durable base for any type of outdoor planting. These unique planters are constructed from shorea wood, an affordable wood that looks very much like teak but is much more readily available throughout the Western Hemisphere. Shorea is resistant to decay, repels insects and can handle any type of weather, making it as low-maintenance as teak for a much lower price.

Outdoor Furniture Plus offers shorea planters in all shapes, from long, rectangular shapes for businesses to smaller square versions that are perfect for use in the home. These planters also come in sizes ranging from 15-inches to 28-inches long to perfectly fit in any outdoor area. With a beautiful, low-maintenance shorea wood planter in your yard, all you'll have to worry about is watering the plants inside.
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