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Royal Teak Accessories

Whether you already own outdoor teak furniture or are ordering a teak table or other teak piece for the first time, the Royal Teak outdoor furniture accessories available from Outdoor Furniture Plus will add just the right touch to help you get even more enjoyment out of your teak furniture. Like all items made of teak wood, these pieces are naturally beautiful and resistant to rot and insects, thanks to teak’s natural oils. They will provide you with years of service while enhancing your enjoyment of your teak furniture.

Our teak umbrellas and umbrella stands are perfect for adding extra protection to your teak table. If you don’t already have one, they are a great match for our teak dining tables and dining sets, such as our Java Teak Nine-Piece Oval Extension Table and Folding Chair Dining Set.

Our teak all-purpose cushion box is an attractive as well as practical way to provide covered storage space poolside or anywhere else outdoors. If you’re entertaining or just enjoying a meal and drinks outside while the weather’s fine, our teak serving carts, trays and tray stands will help keep your outdoor environment neat and organized, and make eating outside more comfortable and enjoyable.