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Outdoor Bars, Bar Sets and Bar Furniture

Whether you're throwing a big party outside or just kicking back with friends and family, few things are more relaxing and convivial than an outdoor bar. By the pool, on the patio or just about anywhere else outside, an outdoor bar will serve as a social focal point. Everyone will gather around it, enjoying good drinks and good conversation along with the good weather.

At Outdoor Furniture Plus, we carry a big assortment of outdoor bars, bar sets and bar furniture to suit virtually any location and any budget. We offer many types of wooden bar furniture notable for its natural beauty, low maintenance and resistance to weather and insects. Choose from luxurious teak or rustic cedar that will beautify any outdoor environment. For even more convenience and weather resistance, check out our polyresin outdoor bar furniture. It won't chip, crack, peel or rot and needs no maintenance other than an occasional clean-up.

You can mix and match individual pieces of outdoor bar furniture. Get a freestanding outdoor bar and match it with outdoor bar stools, bar chairs or bar tables of your choice. Just a couple of examples of our outdoor bar furniture include our Teak Bar Chair and our Berlin Gardens Resin Outdoor Bar Stool.

We also carry complete outdoor bar sets, like our Berlin Gardens Resin Bar Set. These sets give you everything you need to set up a bar outside, saving you time as well as money.


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