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How much wood will different size log racks hold?

Whether you just have a small fire pit to relax around with friends and family or depend on a wood stove to heat your home or cabin through frigid winters, log racks are a good idea.

Sure, you could just stack your firewood in a pile on the ground outside. But storing your wood this way looks messy. It also can attract bugs, rodents and other vermin. In addition, your wood will last longer if you properly store it with the right kind of log rack and cover. A good rack will suspend firewood off the ground, promoting air circulation and discouraging bugs, rodents, mildew, mold and other invaders. With a proper cover, a fire rack will keep your wood dry.

The right firewood rack also will add tremendous aesthetic appeal to your home. It will make your firewood more accessible and easier to handle and will look neater.

Customers of Outdoor Furniture Plus often ask how big a log rack they should purchase for their place. The answer, of course, will differ depending on where you live, what you use your firewood for and the space you have available. Here are a few general guidelines to give you a head start on picking the best log rack for your needs. If you have specific questions after reading this article, feel free to contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer support team. Weíre only a toll-free phone call or email away.

Log racks come in various shapes, and itís important to remember that different shapes will accommodate different amounts of logs. Measure for measure, a circular, hoop log rack, or a crescent, semicircle log rack, for instance, wonít hold as much wood as a square or rectangular log rack.

Other factors may come into picking the shape of your log rack. Your locationís space and design are particularly important.

When it is sold, firewood is measured in cords, so itís crucial to understand what a cord is. The simple definition is that a cord represents 128 cubic feet (2ft W x 4ft H x 16ft L) of stacked firewood.

The rule of thumb for firewood racks is that a rectangular rack that is 45 inches to 48 inches long will hold 1/4 cord. For 1/2 cord, the standard is 87 inches to 96 inches, while 1 cord will need 16 feet.

Athough these are standard measurements, some manufacturers offer a little extra length. Although typical firewood racks built to hold 1/4 cord are 4 feet long, you can find some that are 5 feet long. These are worth looking for, since they can help you properly store a little extra firewood. And if youíre like most people, youíll enjoy the warmth and beauty of your fires so much that youíll probably end up using more wood than you anticipated.

Taking the guesswork out of rack capacities, many come already rated with how much wood they will hold. You can find fire racks to hold amounts of firewood ranging from 1/8 cord to 1 cord, with intermediate racks available for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 cord. If you just need a few logs for your fireplace or fire pit, you can also find firewood racks that are even smaller.


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