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Bird Feeders & Houses

Incorporate the beauty of nature into your outdoor space by welcoming the area's native birds with a decorative outdoor bird house. There are few things more peaceful than enjoying your morning coffee while admiring colorful birds feeding, and Outdoor Furniture Plus carries a very wide selection of high-quality, decorative outdoor bird houses that will add that experience to your porch or patio.

We carry resin bird feeders that are made to resist the outdoor elements and withstand just about any type of weather, creating a warm and cozy spot for birds to feed. Chickadee, Cardinal and Oakleaf varieties are decorated with natural leaves and branches for a woodsy look, while the simpler Dragonfly and Pinecone styles aren't as decorative, but still look just as beautiful. Simply fill the resin bird houses with birdseed and watch as your yard becomes the most popular hangout in the neighborhood for all types of wild birds.