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Electric Patio Heaters

When you are looking for an eco-friendly patio heater your best option is an electric patio heater also known as infrared or halogen patio heaters. More and more people are flocking to their outdoor patio and want to extend the season of outdoor enjoyment as long as possible. This is where a high quality electric patio heater from Outdoor Furniture Plus can help you. When the days and nights start getting cooler adding an infrared patio heater to your setup will keep you warmer for longer.

Depending on your setting there are multiple options to fit your setup. The outdoor electric patio heaters we carry are available for floor standing, tabletop standing, wall mounting or umbrella mounting. Also look at our Halogen Hanging Patio Heater. Each of these units can be used with a thermostat or temperature control unit as long as it is rated for the individual heater you are using it with. One last benefit of electric patio heaters is you will be spending less money on heating than the traditional propane patio heaters. Buy yours today to extend your outdoor patio season.