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Round Gable Vents

A round gable vent is a charming and practical addition to any home's peak. Featuring a super stylish circular design, each rounded vent can be ordered in your precise tastes from Outdoor Furniture Plus. You choose the size, finish, wood type, moulding type and jamb style to create a truly customized gable vent that helps keeps bugs and birds out of your home and adds a whimsical finish touch to any outdoor home aesthetic.

We carry gable vents with round hole designates in sizes ranging from 10 to 36 inches. When ordering, please note that these sizes represent the rough opening (RO) dimensions, meaning they represent the size of the hole that the vent is going into, not the size of the actual vent. Each size comes in an assortment of gorgeous, high-quality wood types: Western red cedar, cypress or yellow pine, all of which can be ordered in rough sawn or smooth wood options. Our circle gable vents can be customized with square edge or brick trim face moldings and a variety of louver styles, including standard jamb or surface mount with closed louver or surface mount with open louver to create the perfect overall aesthetic for your home.